We are Sensefields

We plan, we design, we research, we innovate, we test, but first of all we know what we want: A greener planet, a friendlier city and a less congested highway in order to arrive home before the kids get in bed.

We are a team of engineers that care and contribute. We won´t change the world in a day but we are doing our part.

We believe in hard work, reliable results and the future. Thus, we analyse before we propose, we test before we launch and we listen before we talk. We are focused on examining the needs of our clients and requirements of their clients. We deliver.

We believe in our past and innovate our future. We see solutions in every problem.

We understand data.
We understand mobility.
We are a team.
We are Sensefields.

"Designing the next generation mobility data concepts is a very exciting personal development direction that offers a great deal of self-satisfaction, as these concepts are gradually depicted on the everyday life´s mobility reality. Thus, being part of Sensefields gives me the joy of belonging to something bigger, something bigger that is yet to come.”

Valentí Molins, Software Engineer at Sensefields


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