Management of 15 parking spaces all over the city

Tainan: over 15 outdoor parking lots controlled by Sensefields technology

Tainan, the oldest city on the island of Taiwan and also commonly known as the “Capital City” for its over 200 years of history as the capital of Taiwan, manages its parking lots through Sensefields intelligent parking technology with over 15 outdoors parking spaces all over the city so far.



Parking traffic capacity

Following the establishment of the Southern Taiwan Science Park in 1995, the outskirt of the city saw a rapid growth in population through the 2000s and became much more prosperous after the completion of several major transport infrastructure plans. With the park focusing on optoelectronics, integrated circuits, biotechnology, and precision machinery industries, Tainan is home to the world leading TFT-LCD displays manufacturing chain and the largest biotech company in Taiwan.


Experiencing such great advancements, the mobility activity of Tainan has been increased and thus, the city council of Tainan has been investing in transport infrastructure improvements every year. One of the city mobility enhancement objectives has been to optimise operations of the numerous outdoor car parkings lots, since up until now they were managed by staff traveling between the car parks – a method that did not allow for successful control of operations and optimisation of the user experience.


The plan of the city council was to implant an intelligent parking solution that would inform the users about the status of the parking lots before entering to look for a parking space in a full parking complex. This would minimise the entering queues and smooth the traffic in and around the parking lots.


The solution sought by the city council should offer a very high reliability rate in any type of climatic and physical circumstances but in no case count the numerous motorcycles that enter the parking lots – something that would complex the management of the parking zones.


Sensefields intelligent parking management system was considered as the ideal solution thanks to its easy integration with every traffic management system and its capability to offer an accuracy rate higher than 99.5%. Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were easily and quickly installed transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that sends the collected and processed data to the city´s mobility traffic ensuring a series of benefits:

  • Real-time data capture that allows for the optimisation of the urban traffic around and within the parking lots
  • No need of calibration after the start-up of the solution and no need of equipment maintenance
  • Locally running algorithms through fog-based technology
  • Adjustment of detection thresholds according to the customer needs
  • Easy and quick installation of sensors on all types of parking road surfaces, such as asphalt, concrete or gravel
  • Simple integration with the parking lots´variable message signs (VMS) and the city's management platform
  • Mixed electricity supply of Sensefields equipment by streetlights (part-time) and solar panels

Since the deployment of Sensefields solution, there was a decrease in congestion generated by the car parkings in the city and in addition, air polluting CO2 emissions were significantly reduced. Tainan City Council can now control the real-time parking data, analyse the behavior patterns of the users and  foresee congestion, preventing and solving any every day parking management issue based on Sensefields intelligent technology.




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