Smart parking for a UNESCO site

Sintra: Parking management in one of the most visited portuguese cities

Sintra, consistently ranked as one of the wealthiest areas in both Portugal and the Iberian Peninsula and known for its high standards of living as one of the best places to live in Portugal, intelligently manages its crowded parking lots based on Sensefields WiPag technology.


Sintra, is a UNESCO heritage city of the Greater Lisbon region and a major tourist destination in Portugal, famed for its picturesqueness and for its numerous historic palaces. Sintra is also a major luxury dining and tourism destination within the Portuguese Riviera  and  its historic center of the Vila de Sintra is famous for its 19th-century architecture, gardens and numerous royal palaces.


Due to its narrow historic streets and the 3.000.000 visitors that the city receives a year, the traffic situation is very hard to manage and the city council is constantly trying to improve the mobility conditions between and around the famous monumental sites. In this direction, Sintra was in need of an intelligent parking management system as part of the Smart City project carried out by the networking and future internet services, Ubiwhere, headquartered in Portugal.


Having developed the project citibrain, a consortium specialised in designing smart city solutions for global challenges, Ubiwhere chose Sensefields as its smart parking wireless intelligence partner thanks to Sensefields high accuracy rate, over 99.5%, the quick installation and the very low maintenance costs.


The ideal Sensefields solution chosen to be applied in two city parking lots of Sintra was WiPag: Wireless Parking Guidance. This solution manages and optimises the mobility of outdoor parking lots, directing drivers towards free parking places in order to park quickly and easily reducing parking time and congestion levels inside the parking lot. The system is based on the control of the vehicular flows in the entrances and exits of the parking lot and the zones within it, showing the exact number of free places in each one of them.


Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were easily and quickly installed transmitting real-time parking traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that sends the collected and processed data to citibrain platform ensuring a series of benefits:

  • Rotation index data and occupancy trends of each of the parking areas
  • Possibility of setting activation rules by combining multi-point data
  • Increased user comfort, optimizing the occupancy of the facilities
  • Prevention of customer dissatisfaction due to lack of parking space
  • Scalable solution - detection points can be added
  • Interaction with vertical road signs and information panels installed at critical points

Integrated to the citibrain system, Sensefields intelligent management solution has contributed to the decongestion of the touristic city of Sintra that suffered from continuous traffic jams, as well as air and noise pollution, a fact that had worsen the quality of life for the locals. Installing Sensefields wireless sensors, a continuous traffic monitoring of the parking status is provided, enabling prompt and efficient traffic control to management systems and authorities.



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