Shadow tolling on Eix Transversal

Accurate shadow tolling on C-25 highway

Sensefields Traffic Data Solution allows for effective shadow tolling services on  the C-25. a 280 km long primary highway in Catalonia that connects the Iberian Peninsula with the rest of Europe and supports traffic in excess of 17000 vehicles per day.




Gathering accurate counting information was critical for the concessionaire’s business of the Eix Transversal as the contractual payment is paid based on the number of vehicles that use the motorway. The concessionaire required a solution with a minimal impact on the infrastructure, high accuracy, and a low total cost of ownership over the exploitation period (33 years). Inductive loops, even when are a tested technology, required extensive cabling, expensive trenching, as well as frequent calibration to maintain accuracy. The coverage of other technologies like video, radar and laser proved to be insufficient, and had accuracy issues due to limitations in range and weather interference.


Sensefields smart infrastructure solution was selected by the concessionaire to provide business-critical technology, as it fulfilled the requirements in terms of ease of installation, accuracy, and total cost of ownership and offered an enhanced traffic management platform. Thirty-nine (39) vehicle detection stations, with a total of 520 sensors, were deployed throughout the Eix Transversal. In addition, Sensefields traffic management software platform, Fastrack, was put into operation for real-time monitoring of the infrastructure, and for online analysis of traffic information. Fastrack was also integrated with other existing management applications for billing and business planning.


  • Sensefields’ innovative technology simplifies the installation and maintenance process.
  • Long-term maintenance costs are reduced, mostly due to reliability of the system that maintains its accuracy over long periods without any calibration.
  • Wireless traffic sensors can be installed in a few minutes and start transmitting accurate data immediately.
  • Remote management, diagnostics and maintenance streamline operations.
  • Sensefields solution also easily integrates with legacy systems, and supports all traffic detection applications with one set of tools.
  • More than 520 sensors installed
  • Up to 2 million messages processes every day
  • Over 500.000 vehicles detected every day
  • 99.5% accuracy on detection

Sensefields provided technical support for the solution including software updates, remote configuration and diagnostics and on-road maintenance of sensors is carried out by the concessionaire not requiring any specialized personnel or tools.


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