Shopping mall parking management

Parking intelligence to provide customer´s behaviour data analysis

Situated in the cosmopolitan city of Barcelona and being the largest open-air shopping center in the community of Catalonia, the shopping center `La Maquinista´, constructed in an area that exceeds the 250,000 m2, was in need of an intelligent outdoor parking system in order to optimally manage the traffic on its premises. Sensefields successfully covered the need through its wireless magnetic sensors technology that were installed in the outdoor parking of the mall.


Parking traffic capacity

The managers of the shopping center `La Maquinista´ that has 3 levels – upper floor, street and ground floor – , an underground parking of 2 floors and an outdoor parking, were already successfully controlling the indoor parking by having access to its real-time service levels, the parking occupancy and the user behavior offering spot to spot guidance to the guests.


On the contrary, in the case of outdoor parking there was no type of technology to control, manage and optimise the user experience simultaneously extracting data about the users behaviour – information highly required by the commercial heads of the largest open-air shopping center in the community of Catalonia.


In addition, the mall was experiencing continuous problems with the Barcelona city council authorities due to the congestion problems caused in the area because of the lack of information about the places available in the outdoor parking, something that resulted in crowded neighborhood streets around the mall.


As a result, the shopping center was looking for a smart parking solution capable of managing the outdoor parking lot without the need of additional power supply and communications equipment and without  installing traffic data equipment in each of the parking spaces.


Sensefields intelligent traffic management system was considered as the ideal solution thanks to its capability to offer an accuracy rate higher than 99.5% among other beneficial parameters:



  • Outdoor parking entrances and exits vehicle data collection, analysis and monitoring
  • Integration with the existing technology of the indoor parking management platform
  • Data capture for predictive models of user behavior
  • Installation of the equipment in a single night without affecting the users of the shopping center
  • Equipment supply through solar panels

After the installation of Sensefields wireless sensors technology, the shopping center has been able to manage and optimise its services for every one of its clients by solving actual operation problems such as the use of the outdoor parking by the neighbours:


The parking lot was crowded at night as the neighbours tend to look for a parking space within the mall. As a result, the customers that visited the mall’s cinema or restaurants at night couldn’t find a parking space – something that generated a lot of complaints and put in risk the positive user experience. Thanks to Sensefields technology and having access to the full picture of the data analysis of the outdoor parking, the managers of “La Maquinista” are now able to make successful business decisions, such as opening an indoor parking garage in case of outdoor saturation.


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