Mobility 3.0 green city traffic

Correlation between air pollution and traffic congestion in Mexico

Involved in the Mobility 3.0 project run by Autotraffic, a mexican urban mobility company, Sensefields technology provides the solutions for the successful comparison between air pollution and traffic congestion in three mexican provinces, Puebla, Guadalajara and García.



Green city traffic

The Mobility 3.0 project run by Autotraffic seeks to improve the mobility of Mexican cities by creating traffic conditions that are focused on pedestrians rather than on vehicles creating more sustainable, green and friendly cities through the smart cities management platform named “Smart Central”.


Sensefields was selected as the ideal traffic management intelligence system for this project thanks  to the “Green City” traffic solution: Environmental monitoring through traffic data enabled by the possibility of integrating different type of sensors to a single Sensefields Data Processing Station — DPS allowing for real-time correlation of traffic data with environmental parameters such as air or noise pollution.


The implementation of the Mobility 3.0 project required a scalable data generation system, which could allow for the data collection points to be expanded according to the needs of the project. Sensefields system ensures the required scalability and in conjunction with the ease of installation made the ideal solution for the Mobility 3.0 project.


More specifically, the data requested by Sensefields traffic management intelligence sent to the Smart Central platform are the following:


  • Traffic conditions data: counting and classification of the vehicles
  • Air pollution information:  data about particles in suspension and gases levels in real time
  • Real time noise data at different points in the city


Carrying out the application, a  large number of Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were installed in Puebla, Nuevo León and García offering a series of advantages:

  • Integration of different types of sensors in the same DPS
  • 100% wireless technology
  • Local processing of information without the need of any extra software system
  • No calibration required - accurate data generated from the start
  • Data analytics for predictive models of behavior

Thanks to Sensefields intelligent traffic management technology, the Mobility 3.0 project is running smoothly facilitating important urban planning decisions for the mexican mobility authorities opening news horizons for the future. Autotraffic is pleased with the results of the project that is up and running from 2016 and in the meantime they keep collaborating with Sensefields on further smart mobility projects.


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