Seaside resort smart parking

Parking in this seaside city of eastern Spain is not a hassle anymore

Due to the popularity of the Albir beach situated in Alfaz del Pi in the province of Alicante in eastern Spain and the lack of information about the parking lots available to the visitors, the city’s most crowded zone, el Albir, used to get congested by the guests visiting the beach – an issue that belongs to the past thanks to Sensefields intelligent parking technology.

Parking traffic capacity

The Albir is the most populated center of the municipality of Alfaz del Pi in the Alicante province in the Valencian community of Spain. It’s close to Benidorm, a city that has been a very popular tourist destination since 1925, and the income of its population comes from tourism. Albir beach, endowed with the Blue Flag of the European Commission, is situated 2.5 km from the center of Alfaz del Pi.


Thanks to its stunning beach and the close proximity to Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi used to get very crowded especially during the weekend. Due to the lack of parking management, the visitors had no access to the city’s parking lots status and thus, the majority of them intended to find a parking space in one of the two public parking lots that they knew about because of their closeness to the beach, the local market and a known grocery shop.


As a result, the city council was in need of a smart parking solution in order to be able to inform the visitors about the alternative parking lots in the area. This would descogest the zones around those two parking spaces responsible for traffic jams and air pollution of the entire city, as well as, limit the discomfort of the guests visiting Alfaz del Pi.


Sensefields intelligent parking technology was chosen as the ideal solution for the optimization of the parking traffic management of the city. Thanks to the simple and quick installation, the versatility of the application and the easy integration to local management traffic systems such as VMS (Variable  Message Signs), the city council of Alfaz de Pi, decided to trust Sensefields intelligence for the mobility enhancement of the city.


Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were installed on both parking lots transmitting real-time parking traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS.  The DPS sends the collected and processed data to the LED screens installed on the main streets of the city especially designed for directing the drivers to the assigned parking lots ensuring the following advantages:



  • Real-time data capture that allows for the optimisation of the urban traffic within and around the parking lots
  • Simple integration with the variable message signs (VMS) of the city streets
  • No need of calibration after the start-up of the solution and no need of equipment maintenance
  • Adjustment of detection thresholds according to the customer needs
  • Data capture for predictive models of user behavior

Applying Sensefields smart parking technology, the municipality of Alfaz del Pi has taken the first step towards the Smart City direction. Offering comfort and modernity, the city can now enjoy decreased pollution levels and the locals can take better advantage of the benefits that tourism offers them without putting up with overcrowded city streets. 


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