Sensoring the federal highway 57D

Mexico - Irapuato: 460 sensors to digitalize transit throughout the highway

In collaboration with CAPUFE, the federal government agency of Mexico for “Federal Roads, Bridges and Related Services”, Sensefields intelligent traffic management technology is being installed on the federal highway 57D to provide smart data about its status, condition and use in order to facilitate its successful management.


Running through central Mexico, the federal  toll highway 57D has a length of 342 km and its managed by the agency  for “Federal roads, bridges and related services” named CAPUFE, which is part of the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico. Due to the very high accident rates, CAPUFE channeled a big investment in its road safety and security program of 2018 that includes new technologies for the digitalisation of its roads.


Having tested a series of data collection systems in the beginning of 2018, CAPUFE named Sensefields intelligent traffic management solution as the ideal technological system to be implemented in order to contribute towards safety improvement and traffic flow enhancement.


As a result, Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors are now being installed transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that processes and analyses the collected data providing information about:


  • Speed
  • Vehicle classification by length
  • Traffic intensity
  • Level of occupancy
  • Time and distance difference between consecutive vehicles


  • 460 wireless magnetic sensors along with 32 Data Processing Station to obtain data on intensity, speed, lengths and occupancy levels
  • Autonomous solution with equipment powered by solar panel sending data via 3G
  • Solution integrated with the highway central management software platform
  • Remote management, diagnostics and maintenance streamline operations

Thanks to Sensefields interurban traffic data collection, analysis and monitoring technology, CAPUFE has now the capacity to analyse, plan and optimise the urban development of the area based on the behavior patterns and traffic trends relying on highly accurate data to further enhance the quality of life for the Mexican citizens.




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