Dangerous intersections security improvement

Improved safety in "Accident Concentration Sections-TCA" by dynamic signaling

Sensefields is monitoring the intersection between the M-505 county road and the viaduct that crosses the Valmayor reservoir  to improve road safety via dynamic signaling in order to decrease the number of the accidents that historically have taken place at the intersection.


The intersection between the M-505 county road and the viaduct that crosses the Valmayor reservoir  in the North part of the community of Madrid had been historically a very dangerous junction. Therefore, the Spanish Directorate-General of Traffic, DGT, was looking for a intelligent traffic management system in order to improve road safety.


Having successfully being applied in a series of smart mobility applications worldwide, Sensefields traffic management intelligence was selected as the ideal solution thanks to the very high accuracy rate that is over 99.5%, the quick installation and the easy integration with local traffic management systems.


Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were easily and quickly installed transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that processes and analyses the collected data controlling the roads signals of the intersection.


The project execution time schedule was demanding since the design, execution, start-up and integration period to the Control Data Center of the DGT could not extend the 3 months. Sensefields successfully completed the work in 2 months and to date no maintenance has been required. The lack of electrical power points or data transmission required that the equipment were completely autonomous, so it was essential to install solar panels and 3G modules for data transmission with the main points of the project to be the following.

  • Algorithm based on vehicle detection and occupancy times in waiting areas
  • Local data management for the activation of signals located at distances greater than 250m
  • Activation/deactivation times of the signals adapted according to the status of each of the waiting areas
  • Integrated system in the management platform of the Central Zone of the DGT for the operation and maintenance of the solution
  • "Zero" accidents since the start-up of the solution
  • Completely autonomous system with equipment powered by solar panels
  • 500m as a zone of influence in the improvement of security
  • Data processing and signal activation in 700ms

Since the installation of the solution, DGT reports the achievement of “zero” accidents. Thanks to the integration of the solution in the Control Center of the DGT,  movements can be monitored on real time in each of the elements involved in the intersection, as well as, the patterns of behavior based on time slots.


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