Controlling the "parking express" zones

Intelligent "parking express" zones at Barcelona airport

To efficiently control the heavy traffic flow on the short stay parking zones of Barcelona Airport, El Prat, Sensefields intelligent traffic management technology was installed at the “parking express” areas in order to better manage those busy sections of the airport premises based on automated data.


To keep traffic flowing at one of the busiest airports worldwide, the airport operator,  AENA – Spanish Airports and Air Navigation, was in need of an automated system that would provide the exact number of vehicles queuing before entering the newly introduced “parking express” zones, as well as, the holding times of each one of the vehicles in those zones.


The intelligent traffic management solution should have a very high reliability rate in any type of climatic conditions without being affected by high levels of congestion. In addition, the solution had to incorporate monitoring alarms to the airport’s management center in the event that one of the queues of the access barriers exceeded a certain length.


With an accuracy rate of 99.5%, quick installation and no need of maintenance, Sensefields traffic management intelligence was selected as the ideal solution. Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were installed at “parking express” zones transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS. The collected and processed data is sent to Sensefields Collector Server that is incorporated into t the airport’s control system  SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) allowing for:

  • Real-time data capture for the efficient management of the "parking express" accesses
  • Activation of alarms based on fixed thresholds
  • Calculation of tail length of vehicles
  • Analysis of behavior patterns and service levels
  • Management of several monitoring points as a single system thanks to the on premises installation of Sensefields Collector Server
  • Integration with VMS (Variable Message Signs) and the SCADA Wonderware system platform of the airport
  • Mixed electrical supply of equipment through existing infrastructure and solar panels

Thanks to Sensefields technology the traffic in front of the terminals has been regulated providing easy access to the airport buildings for all the passengers that are flying out of Barcelona and their friends or family that accompany them to the airport. The airport operator is now able to control the waiting time offered for free within the “parking express” zones ensuring equal rights for every user.





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