Mobility control around Camp Nou by Sensefields

Camp Nou area managed by Sensefields dynamic traffic control system

The area around FC Barcelona Stadium, Camp Nou, is one of the most congested zones of Barcelona due to the 1.6 million visitors a year and the matches that take place almost daily. How is this area controlled? By Sensefields intelligent traffic management technology of course.

Dynamic traffic light control

The junction between the central avenues Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes and Travessera de les Corts is one of Barcelona’s most congested areas due to its proximity to one of the city’s most visited tourist spots: Camp Nou, the Stadium of FC Barcelona, which is the largest stadium in Spain and Europe and the third largest football stadium in the world in capacity.


This busy junction required a smart traffic management system that not only would take into account the levels of occupancy in each junction lane but also scheduled events such as football games and unscheduled events such as vehicle malfunctions or accidents, bus stops and traffic jams. Therefore, and as per the city’s council request, the solution applied had to ensure real-time control that would adapt rapidly to traffic demands of the high variability. The monitoring not only had to be precise, but also had to detect changes in traffic behavior right at the time they were occurring and offer an adaptive control system to overcome high and unpredictable occupancy levels in some or all of the lanes.


Sensefields deployed solution consists of 21 wireless magnetic sensors placed along the 10 lanes that had to be monitored by the district council. The sensors are transmitting the collected information to the Data Processing Station (DPS) that serves as a unique access point for transmitting data to the traffic light control once the info had been processed and analyzed by the station.  6 repeaters were installed for the sensors located more than 150m away from the processing station, 2 powered by solar panels and 4 powered by low consumption batteries during daytime and by lamp posts overnight to facilitate the smooth running of Sensefields systems that offers a variety of advantages:

  • Real time traffic analysis of the crossing: speed, vehicle classification by length, traffic intensity, and level of occupancy, as well as, time and distance difference between consecutive vehicles
  • Ability to schedule events for different traffic light periods upon demand or forecasted levels
  • Remote management, diagnostics and maintenance streamline operations
  • Autonomous decision making for optimal traffic light periods according to pre-established occupancy levels

Sensefields solution monitors 10 lanes with different directions, detours and vehicle demands, improving the traffic situation for both vehicles and pedestrians not only around Camp Nou but also within the whole city of Barcelona as this stadium junction were causing a lot of problems for the city traffic management as a whole.





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