Smooth exit from the parking lot

Exit from the shopping center parking to the motorway: Quicker and safer

Exiting to the ring road Boulevard Alienor d’Aquitaine that surrounds Bordeaux-Lac Shopping Center, one of the main commercial centers of the city of Bordeaux, was an adventure that could last for several minutes due to the high traffic on the motorway – a traffic management issue that has already been solved thanks to Sensefields intelligent parking technology.


Parking traffic capacity

Bordeaux-Lac is one of the main shopping centers of Bordeaux municipality. Located in the north of the city of Bordeaux, the shopping area is one of the main centers of economic attractiveness of the entire municipality. It stretches around Auchan hypermarket and brings together shops, services, bars and restaurants. Nearby there is also an important commercial area home to international brands such as Ikea, Leroy Merlin and Decathlon.


The managers of Bordeaux-Lac were in need of an intelligent parking solution that would reduce the waiting times of the users trying to exit from the parking lots to the busy motorway Boulevard Alienor d’Aquitaine that surrounds the shopping area. All problematic exits were already regulated by traffic lights but despite that, the congestion and safety issues weren´t resolved.


To solve the traffic jam problems that were seriously affecting the user experience of the shopping center clients, the management of Bordeaux-Lac needed a solution that would regulate and monitor the traffic lights in order to prevent traffic jams both within the parking lot area and at the exits to the motorway.


Sensefields intelligent parking management system was considered as the ideal solution thanks to its easy integration with every traffic management system and its capability to offer an accuracy rate higher than 99.5%. Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were easily and quickly installed transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that sends the collected and processed data to the traffic lights actuators ensuring a series of benefits:

  • Real-time data capture that allows for the optimisation of the urban traffic around and within the parking lots
  • Locally run algorithm based on fog-computing that allows for direct connection with the traffic light
  • Installation of the equipment in a single night without affecting the users of the Shopping Center
  • Simple integration with the parking lots´variable message signs (VMS)
  • Data capture for predictive models of user behavior

Installing Sensefields parking intelligence at Bordeaux-Lac parking lot has improved both exit times and security when driving out from the shopping center entering the ring motorway Boulevard Alienor d’Aquitaine. Based on Sensefields data analysis, the managers of the shopping center can now foresee exit traffic jams and inform the users to use another exit guiding them via the parking´s LCD screens.


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