Traffic data on the Autopista Central

Smart traffic data system thanks to Sensefields interurban road intelligence

Autopista Central, the highway that crosses Santiago de Chile city center with two high speed axes and combines a modern layout with cutting edge systems is now monitored by Sensefields smart traffic data system.


Autopista Central, the Central Highway, which crosses the city of Santiago de Chile, is an urban highway with very high traffic density that was looking to be converted in a leading high-profile smart road in terms of ITS systems. Nevertheless, due to the vehicle intensity making any intervention in the road is an expensive endeavor. This implies that all installed systems must have high reliability, since any possible failure can affect a very high number of the road users. In addition, the substitution or maintenance tasks of the systems must be especially fast and with minimal impact on traffic.


As a part of the digitalisation plan, Sensefields solution that obtains a variety of  road information processing traffic data locally and allowing for an accurate and sturdy data analysis was selected as the ideal data collection system since it allows for easy and quick installation, minimizing the necessary time of cutting the lane and offering a great series of advantages such as:


• Minimum maintenance cost.
• Bidirectional communication with the control center according to commercial protocols.
• Robustness of the data generated.
• Autonomous system: continues working even if there is a temporary loss of communication or power.


The highway has its own management system, so the traffic data solution had to be integrated within this system, providing a clear and reliable image of what is happening on the highway at all times based on the below facts:

  • 86 sections of traffic monitoring were installed along the highway.
  • The estimated traffic is 35,000 vehicles per day.
  • Sensefields technology covers 3 and 4 lanes per section, incorporating different configurations such as trench roads, tunnels and train tracks that pass through the road among others.
  • The solution is integrated with the road management software installed on its central servers.

After a year-long pilot test, thanks to our solution’s reliability, accuracy and low maintenance costs Sensefields solution was chosen from a wide range of other modern technologies. Sensefields technology is now successfully monitoring the traffic on Autopista Central, one of the most hightech highways worldwide.


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