Toll service analysis on AP-7

Optimisation of service levels in toll stations

Sensefields is monitoring the toll service levels on one of the busiest highways in Spain with an average of 280,000 vehicles per day: The mediterranean highway AP-7, an axis that connects the entire Mediterranean coast from the French border to Algeciras, a port city in the south of Spain.


The mediterranean highway AP-7 is  911 km long and connects the entire Mediterranean coast from the French border to Algeciras, a port city in the south of Spain. Despite the successful network monitoring, the micro-analysis of each of the toll areas was not controlled and optimised as it should.  Having successfully being applied in a series of smart mobility applications worldwide, Sensefields traffic management intelligence was selected as the ideal solution thanks to the very high accuracy rate that is over 99.5%, the quick installation and the easy integration with local traffic management systems.


Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors were easily and quickly installed transmitting real-time traffic flow information to Sensefields Data Processing Station – DPS that processes and analyses the collected data offering the following advantages:


  • Opportunity of dynamic tariffs assignment according to the real time service levels
  • Efficient human resources management to optimise service times
  • Data not affected by climatic or occlusive conditions
  • Coverage of large influence areas and establishment of sub-areas in order to function as a single system

  • Installation of intensity data capture points and the length and speed of the vehicles that access and exit the toll
  • Algorithm that establishes logical rules that define the service levels according to the filling times (time IN) and emptying (time OUT) of each of the toll zones.
  • Analysis and optimization of tolls
  • Audit of type of vehicles and charges

From the very first moment the monitoring sections were installed, started the analysis of the times and levels of service. The existing infrastructure, such as cabinets and gantries, was used to install the equipment, so it was not required to install auxiliary equipment in order to to start the solution.


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