Runaway truck ramp monitoring for safety enhancement

Faster vehicle recovery on the Michoacán highways

Within the extensive modernization phase that have entered Michoacán highways, in order for modern intelligent infrastructure technologies to be applied and adapted, Sensefields installed its traffic management intelligent system in order to maximise safety and security for the vehicles that stop due to emergencies.



City road signal activation

The highways within the state of Michoacán located in Western Mexico are equipped with a series of runaway truck ramps designed to help vehicles with breaking problems, especially trucks and buses, to safely stop and avoid major accidents.


The highway operator needed to be able to know what is happening on the road at all times and thus he was looking for a system that would detect when a vehicle is using the runaway ramp by sending a warning alarm on real time. This alarm would initiate a series of actions, such as activating a camera or sending an alarm to the control center in order to maximise safety for the road.  The solution had to provide great reliability and autonomy and in addition the possibility of defining whether a vehicle had actually entered the braking ramp or had just stopped at the verge.


Having successfully being applied in a series of smart traffic applications worldwide, Sensefields traffic management intelligence was selected as the ideal solution thanks to the very high accuracy rate that is over 99.5%, the quick installation and the easy integration with local traffic management systems offering a variety of advantages:

  • Sensefields solution consisted of a sensor and a DPS was installed at the entrance of each of the braking ramps.
  • The system is able to discriminate whether the vehicle has actually entered the braking ramp or has only stopped on the shoulder.
  • The system is integrated with the road management software, sending the information already processed.
  • In addition, the system has the possibility of being integrated with the cameras and other devices installed in the vicinity of the braking ramp, which enables them to be activated in the event of an accident.

Sensefields solution is not only used to detect vehicles that enter the runaway ramp, but also to define the condition under which they enter, being able to detect their speed, for example, and through local processing, to also identify if it is really an emergency that requires the concessionaire services.


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