Federal highway monitoring

13.200 vehicles per day can now enjoy a shorter journey

Sensefields Data Collection Technology in conjunction with ACTICA traffic management systems allows for the smooth vehicle flow on the Highway 47D, also known as the “Libramiento Centenario de la Constitución de 1917”, which connects the highway México – Queretaro with the region of Bajío.

City road signal activation

The highway “Palmillas – Apaseo el grande” is a strategic road in México and the reason of its construction was to shorten the journey from CDMX to the region of Bajió, making the circulation of the highway between the Mexican state Querétaro and the city of Juárez more fluid. The highway is 86 kilometres long and it was expected traffic levels of around 13,200 vehicles per day.

Very quick installation and minimum maintenance costs were the two main requirements, as due to the high traffic levels, the downtime should be limited to the minimum. Because of the importance of this work for the whole country, it was sought to provide the highway with an ambitious ITS system that could integrate a large number of devices into a central software system that would report in real time the accurate status of the highway traffic.

  • 6 sections of traffic monitoring were installed along the highway.
  • Each of the sections stretches between 3 and 4 lanes per section, providing vehicle counting, as well as, vehicle classification and speed data.
  • The data is sent in real time to the management software of the concessionaire.

The use of the Sensefields system to collect traffic data on Apaseo-Palmillas highway allowed a quick and easy installation of the equipment, reducing the time of cutting the road. In addition to not needing electrical connection, the installation costs were also reduced considerably.

The integration with the client software was simple through the use of commercial protocols. Moreover, in case of having to carry out maintenance work on the road, Sensefields system would allow the concessionaire to remove the sensors and reinstall them once the works have been completed.


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