City road signal activation

Vehicle detection and device activation

Thanks to the local processing of the information, the traffic data can be converted in direct activation commands of traffic control devices, a function that reduces the latency of the signal activation. The processed information can also be sent to the City Traffic Control Centre reducing the processing requirements on the upper levels of the management systems of the smart city.

Customized algorithm designed based on the client’s needs and running locally on the Data Processing Station, allows for different adaptations of the signal behaviour depending on the real time
traffic conditions.

Thanks to the portability of the equipment, it is possible to use the solution for temporary installations, such as temporary works or urban interventions.

Download City road signal activation (PDF)
  • Activation of alarms based on vehicle detection, speed, traffic intensity and occupancy time
  • Activation of multiple urban devices, such as security systems, light signals, traffic lights, lighting systems, warning road signals, VMSs and moving speed bumps in real time
  • Possibility of setting activation rules by combining multi-point data

The signal activation solution allows for safety improvement of certain areas that require greater attention by the driver, where emergency vehicles frequently pass by.


Removable and disposable batteries and electronics.


Replacement or battery change within a few minutes.

Ready to use

Collection and analysis of traffic data from the first minute of installation. Predefined configuration “Plug & Web” solution: connect sensor and start collecting data without any further configuration.

Self-calibration of the detection thresholds

It is not affected by structures in the road so it can be used in urban tunnels. It can be installed in areas close to metro lines, railway stations.

Highly accurate

Accuracy not affected under heavy weather conditions and visual factors such as shadow and lighting. Not affected by occlusion.

Fast, simple and low-cost installation

Minimal infrastructure intervention with a minor perforation in the pavement. Minimum time of road intervention without extensive engineering work, destructive trenching or cutting required and wires required.

Low maintenance costs

Battery life up to 10 years under standard conditions. No specialised personnel or tools required.

No recalibration required

No loss of reliability with the pass of time. Recalibration not required.

Standalone solution

No router, server, PLC or electric cabinet required. Possibility of installing without a dedicated electrical connection via solar panel or partial supply from a street lamp.


Direct and easy integration with Traffic Management Centres and local devices such traffic lights, traffic signals and VMS


Sensors and batteries can be removed from the enclosure for reuse in other installations either as permanent or temporary solutions for prospecting, monitoring and auditing.


Works in any climate and usage conditions thanks to the rugged enclosure that supports long time exposure to severe weather conditions


Data Processing Station - DPS

Sensor mote

Sensefields Actuator


Smart airport traffic management

Being one of the busiest airports worldwide with more than 47 million passengers in 2017, 'El Prat' of Barcelona, has now absolute control of its premises´traffic parameters:   Real-time quantity, type and speed of the vehicles that access or leave the terminals, as well as, daily and historical data, graphs, statistics and reports that give clear insights about the traffic flow based on lane, time, terminal and type of vehicle are accurately measured thanks to Sensefields wireless magnetic technology.


Signal activation on La Rambla

Adapting the traffic lights circles of the intersections to the buses itineraries of the constantly enhanced Barcelona public transport network and defining the optimal speed of the different lines based on real-time traffic flow, Sensefields is proudly optimising mobility providing safety for the pedestrians in the most iconic street of Barcelona.


Urban traffic monitoring in Bogota

The traffic flow on the main accesses of the city of Bogotá, a city with heavy congestion problems, is now running smoothly thanks to Sensefields City Traffic Data Collection solution applied to facilitate hassle-free entry and exit to the city.


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