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Intelligent Infrastructure

Sensefields Traffic Data Technology offers customised solutions to detect, analyse and monitor vehicle traffic in real time based on the next generation Sensefields Data Processing Station (DPS).

In infrastructure applications, the wireless magnetic Sensefields sensor, quickly installed with a minor perforation in the pavement, transfers the detected data to the Data Processing Station (DPS) that processes the received information and communicates it to the selected traffic regulation local systems or/and to "fog based" or "cloud based" traffic management software.

The application possibilities of Sensefields Intelligent Infrastructure technology greatly vary depending the specific requirements and objectives but they can be identified in four main operation areas, urban, interurban, parking and airport.

Intelligent Vehicle

Sensefields Connected Vehicle Data technology allows for a great variety of mobility services that establish vehicle interconnectivity based on the newly designed Sensefields Data Processing Unit (DPU).

Taking advantage of our pioneering expertise in the traffic management industry, we are now revolutionising the Connected Vehicle field by offering advanced telematics services combining established geolocalisation applications with sophisticated local data processing solutions.

Co-shaping the collaborative economy by increasing independence and flexibility of service and by ensuring access to vehicles for short term usage, Sensefields DPU facilitates the communication of the vehicle data with internal and external systems serving the automotive world and the fleet, car rental and shared vehicle operators.

V2X Communication between Infrastructure and Vehicle

The revolutionary connection of the next generation Data Processing Station with the newly designed Data Processing Unit allows for real-time bidirectional data communication between the vehicle and its external environment, allowing for a great range of V2X mobility applications that connect infrastructure and vehicle.

By inserting the Sensefields V2X communication module to the DPS, the station is being converted into the Intelligent Road Side Unit - RSU - that communicates with the on board unit of the vehicle achieving maximum control over the traffic, enhancing driver's safety, preventing accidents and allowing for a more comfortable and smart drive.


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