Intelligent Vehicle

We connect the vehicle with your business potential.

Sensefields intelligent vehicle technology is developed to detect and process behavioural, contextual and driving data that provides innovative smart solutions for a wide range of industries.

As the Internet of Things is establishing its presence and new layers are introduced to the traditional vehicle concept, we are contributing towards maximising the advantages of the connected vehicle to serve a wide range of vehicle related sectors and professionals, such as shared mobility services companies, fleet managers and public vehicle operators.

Sensefields Intelligent Vehicle Strategy team is working towards ensuring the continued advancement of our technology, as well as, exploring new fields, where our vehicle data analytics intelligence can offer extra benefits to the society, the business world and the international public policies.

Newly focusing on the Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) communications field, we are thinking big and we are contributing towards the advanced connected reality of the future.

The vehicles we drive are changing and so are the ways we commute, communicate and do business.

If your mission is to become part of this change, Sensefields is here to make it happen.

Public Transport & Public Services Vehicle Telematics

Embraced by international initiatives, European projects and municipal decisions, Sensefields Connected Vehicle technology opens new horizons in the up until now unexplored automation potential of the public vehicles such as, garbage trucks and public buses, by implementing cutting edge telematics technologies.

We are introducing smart, sustainable and user-friendly public transport & public services vehicle solutions, such as environmental monitoring applications that are testing air quality data allowing for the creation of air pollution maps, Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) solutions for low passenger demand areas and new flexible ticketing services.

  • Environmental sensing for air and noise pollution monitoring
  • Driving profile monitoring
  • Bus demand control
  • Flexible Ticketing
  • Bus priority

Shared and Rental Mobility Services

Sensefields Connected Vehicle technology offers maximum control over your shared mobility and vehicle rental services by allowing for real time tracking and monitoring of your vehicles.

Achieving financial, operational and customer service efficiency, Sensefields solutions are designed to provide you with a wide range of sophisticated solutions such as advanced driver analytics and usage & performance reports that will optimise your business potential.

  • Car and motorbike sharing and renting solutions
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
  • Vehicle remote disabling
  • Geofencing
  • Customer driving behaviour
  • Maintenance alerts

Fleet Management

Take control of your fleet, reduce the operational costs, improve efficiency and optimise the existing driving routes by implementing Sensefields Connected Vehicle technology to successfully manage your logistics and flee business.

Location and movement monitoring, comprehensive reports, alerts and many more intelligent functions belong to Sensefields smart technology solutions portfolio that helps fleet managers to optimise their performance based on real time highly accurate data.

  • Fleet and driver management
  • Highly accurate geolocalization
  • Over-acceleration and speed control
  • Security services
  • Report generation

Cooperative Vehicle

Sensefields is contributing towards the newest state of the art evolutions of the cooperative vehicle, offering leading edge solutions to car manufacturers, road network operators and transport drivers based on Vehicle to Everything - V2X - applications.

Road safety enhancement, mobility optimisation and road network operation improvement, are being achieved through Sensefields Connected Vehicle technology installed on intelligent vehicles to provide advanced driving assistance and accurate real-time knowledge of the newtork. Vehicle to Vehicle, Vehicle to Infrastructure and Vehicle to Driver communications services are on the top of Sensefields R&D and operational portfolio.

  • Road safery
  • Vehicle Comfort
  • Enviromental sustainability

Sensefields on board unit. An example of excellence.

The newly designed Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology incorporated in the on board Sensefields Data Processing Unit (DPU) allows for the next generation bidirectional communication forms between the vehicle and the elements in its internal and external environment.

The advanced technology of Sensefields DPU receives, collects and sends real-time data via several inputs: CAN, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, G5 and 3G or 4G, establishing Sensefields Intelligent Vehicle technology:

  • Fleet and driver management
  • Highly accurate geolocalization
  • Over-acceleration and speed control
  • Report generation
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