Interurban mobility infrastructure

Transport operators base their strategic decisions on our data.

Sensefields interurban traffic technology is used to support planning, design, construction, operation and management of regional, national and cross-border road networks worldwide.

Through real time data collection that can ensure efficient road monitoring, enhance security and minimise accidents, intelligent decisions can be taken based on Sensefields interurban mobility solutions analysing the current traffic patterns and helping predict future traffic trends.

Why digitalise the highway?

To enhcance safety.
To safe energy.
To offer comfort.

The most reliable data for the most demanding goals


Roads that offer very high safety levels reached through IoT with the objective of ensuring safe transit, lowering the risks and minimising the probability of accidents


Roads that ensure smooth traffic flow and predictable travel time by using advanced technologies for the management of the actual demand


Optimised use of existing road networks limiting congestion during peak hours by distributing traffic as evenly as possible to maximise comfort

A technological triad of unlimited possibilities

Sensefields solutions are based on our novel technological triad consisted of Sensefields wireless magnetic sensors connected to the fog-based Sensefields Data Processing Station that transmits real time information to Sensefields cloud-based traffic management software, Fastrack, or further local based systems.

The sophisticated end-to-end traffic data integration services allow for high precision, quick installation and very low need of maintenance across all areas of Sensefields expertise.

Wireless Magnetic Traffic Sensor

  • Wireless magnometer to detect vehicles in movement accurately measuring their speed and length.
  • Installation requires only a minor perforation in the asphalt.
  • On-site or remote configuration and management via installation kit or cloud platform.
  • Replaceable batteries that last up to 10 years.

Data Processing Station (DPS)

  • Open: Easy integration with traffic management systems.
  • Supports both wired and wireless communication technologies: serial connection, Ethernet, WIFI, 3G.
  • No calibration needed.
  • Rugged enclosure that supports long time exposure to severe weather conditions.
  • Local storage for long periods without connection, which ensures avoidance of data loss. Data can be downloaded via the web interface or the data processing station itself.

Fastrack – Sensefields Traffic Management Software Suite

  • “Plug and play”: The sensor can be connected and start collecting data without any further configuration.
  • Cloud based: It is not required to install any on premises software.
  • Offers a rich API to integrate third-party applications.
  • Integrates both real time as well as historical data and alarm notifications.
  • Sophisticated data visualization tools to analyse key traffic metrics.
  • Rich Software Interface that integrates with third-party applications.

External Elements

  • Meteorological and environmental sensors
  • Traffic management software
  • Traffic control signals
  • Flashing light signals
  • LED traffic monitoring screens
  • Automatic gate systems
  • LED Blank Out Signs
  • Variable message signs
  • Automated speed bumps


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