Sensefields at the ITS World Congress Copenhagen

Published: 27 August 2018

Sensefields at the Intelligent Transportation Systems ITS  World Congress 


From 17 to 21 September 2018, Sensefields will be at one of the leading intelligent transport systems gatherings that rotates between Europe, the Asia Pacific region and the Americas returning to Europe every three years: The ITS World Congress presented in Copenhagen, one of the most advanced cities in the mobility sector. Hosted in the pavilion displayed by Acció , AMEC Urbis and the automotive industry cluster of Catalonia, Sensefields technology will be once again showcased to the international leaders of the ITS industry.




Sensefields traffic intelligence solutions extend through a wide range of infrastructure mobility applications based on traffic data management: Smart cities, intelligent highways, automated parking spaces, as well as, advanced airport and harbour facilities are all part of Sensefields global portfolio that contribute towards a more safe, less congested and greener future in urban, interurban and parking infrastructures.



Sensefields wireless traffic data technology


The intelligent traffic management solutions offered by Sensefields are based on Sensefields Technological Triad consisted of:

  1. Magnetic Wireless Sensors, which are connected to fog-based
  2. Data Processing Stations (DPS) that send real-time information to
  3. Sensefields cloud-based or on premises Traffic Management Software — Fastrack or local based systems


In this direction, environmental sustainability, energy efficiency, adaptability of services and driving comfort are the main objectives served by Sensefields technology for both network operators and road users. Easy integration with a series of local traffic management systems ensures flexibility of applications:


  • Environmental sensors
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Traffic management signs and signals
  • Parking information screens
  • Variable message signs (VMS)



High precision, quick installation and very low need of maintenance, describe the sophisticated end-to-end traffic data integration services across all areas of Sensefields expertise in Smart City, Smart Road and Smart Parking applications:





Sensefields intelligent vehicle


Further to the intelligent traffic management field, Sensefields intelligent vehicle technology is developed to detect and process behavioural, contextual and driving data that provides innovative smart solutions for a wide range of industries. As IoT is establishing its presence, Sensefields is contributing towards maximising the advantages of the connected vehicle within the shared mobility services, the fleet management and the public vehicle operations field slowly extending to advanced V2X — Vehicle to Everything applications.



Find Sensefields at ITS World Congress

For a detailed presentation about Sensefields solutions, our business development team will be waiting for you at the AMEC Urbis pavilion: C1 – 082. For further information about our solution or our participation at the ITS World Congress Copenhagen, please contact our Business Development team at


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