Sensor mote

Sensefields sensor mote is an intelligent low power wireless magnetometer that measures earth`s magnetic field variations caused by passing-by vehicles. The main application areas of Sensefields sensor mote are vehicle flow control, signal activation and parking management.


  • Wireless communication with DPS or DCS over IEEE802. 15. 4 PHY standard
  • Long-life replaceable batteries
  • Compact (110x110mm) rugged PBT enclosure box
  • Quick installation with a minor perforation
  • Easy removal, replacement, maintenance and re-location
  • Adaptable operation mode for optimized power consumption based on installation requirements


  • Dimensions (Diameter x Height)

  • Weight
    540gr (1)

  • Case
    PBT fiber glass

  • Protection
    IP67 and IK10

  • Installation
    Embedded in the pavement of the roadway

  • Operating Temperature
    -40ºC to +85ºC

  • Power supply
    Li-SOCl2 3.6V 68Ah replaceable battery pack

  • Battery life
    Up to 10 years (2)

  • Physical layer
    IEEE 802.15.4 compliant, 868/915MHz PHY

  • Sampling rates

  • Data rate

  • Nominal output power
    Up to 13dBm

  • Radio range
    30m (3)

  • Internal sensors
    3 axis digital magnetometer
    Temperature at ground level
    Battery status

  • RFID/NFC Tag
    For easy commissioning and maintenance

  • Compliance
    CE: Directive 2014/53/EU
    EN 300 220-2 Ver. 3.1.1
    EN 301 489-3Ver. 2.1.1
    EN 301 489-52Ver. 0.0.7
    UNE-EN 60950-1: 2007
    FCC Part 15, Class B


(1) Battery pack not included. (2) It may be affected by installation layout, urban or interurban locations, traffic intensity, line of sight conditions, etc. For longer distance layout please contact Sensefields. (3) Under normal usage and environmental conditions.


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