Collector Server

The Collector Server a middleware that concentrate the communication coming from several stations and send the data to Sensefields Fastrack or 3rd party control platforms. This middleware can be configured to quickly extract, transform and re-direct streams of data in a highly customizable way.

- Create one end point to concentrate all the data coming from several DPS or DCS.
- Extract, transform and re-direct data to final operational control platform via PUSH method.

- Easy configuration and maintenance. One endpoint to rule them all data stations.
- Reduce deployment complexity. Avoids the installation of several software platforms.
- Cost effective solution

The dispatchers deliver the formatted string/byte array to the appropriate receptor. They can be printed to console, files, sent over TCP and FTP to name some of the possibilities.


  • On premise or cloud deployments.
  • No local storage of data.
  • Remotely configurable and maintainable.
  • Integration with Sensefields software suite.
  • Integration with 3rd party cloud platforms via API REST.
  • The formats and methods of data delivery are customizable (1): Supported formats are JSON, CSV, XML. Supported methods are printing to console, write to log files, sent over TCP or FTP.


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