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E-scooter sharing powered by Sensefields

Published: 01 September 2018

Austria’s automobile club launches e-scooter sharing powered by Sensefields


With currently 27 scooter sharing companies operating in 47 cities of 11 European countries, as provided by the Innovation Centre for Mobility and Social Change, the 7th biggest Automobile Association worldwide launches its scooter sharing service controlled by Sensefields intelligent vehicle technology.




Vienna, 28 August 2018 – The Austrian Automobile, Motorcycle and Touring Club ÖAMTC consisted by 2, 1 million members is launching its shared mobility service in both the capital and the second largest Austrian city: People from Vienna and Graz will now have the opportunity to benefit from the electric scooter sharing “ÖAMTC easy way”.


Shared Mobility


Contributing towards the green direction that the awarded city of Vienna is leading with further investments in rail transportation, CO2 free modes, zero emissions buses, high share of public transport and 1,300 km of cycle routes, ÖAMTC has added another environmentally friendly alternative to the city´s mobility portfolio: an electric dockless scooter that can get the user anywhere cost-effectively, quickly and at any time of the day without having planned that in advance.


Designed to serve urban transit by the Spanish motorbike manufacturer, Torrot, and firstly introduced into the global market in 2017, the light e-scooter model of the ÖAMTC easy way service named MUVI, reaches up to 45km/h and offers 100km battery autonomy. MUVI is electrically supplied by two removable batteries of 48V each and like every other electric vehicle does not cause any air or noise pollution.


Sensefields connected vehicle technology


ÖAMTC easy way is run by Sensefields fleet management system composed by an on board telematics unit that allows the remote communication with the MUVI scooters and an IoT server that centralizes communications and management of the entire vehicle fleet.


“We decided to collaborate with Sensefields thanks to their ability to “listen” to our needs. Both the on board unit and the cloud based middleware have been developed according to our specific requirements. Adaptation, quick reaction and customisation is what makes Sensefields technology and work stand out”, says Florian Moosbeckhofer, Head of Innovation & Mobility at ÖAMTC.


Fully designed in Barcelona, one of the top three smart cities worldwide according to the SmartCitiesWorld and Philips 2018 report, the on board Data Processing Unit (DPU) connects to the vehicle´s internal CAN bus via an isolated CAN transceiver as well as to the external backend Data Sharing Server (DSS) via 3G.


Housed in an IP67 sealing and powered by the vehicle´s battery, Sensefields on board DPU integrates a high performance low power ARM core processor running a customized Linux distribution and has extended electrical autonomy thanks to the internal lithium backup battery. The DPU also offers 10 isolated and configurable inputs/outputs and the possibility to connect expansion boards that add new functionalities. Its sensor (accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer) may be used to further improve GNSS positioning accuracy and support additional use cases such us e-Call, theft or tow detection services.


Sensefields DSS is a control platform that centralises and distributes the data as well as acts as the communication interface between the DPU and the Easy Way user platform. The DSS receives and stores the data sent by the on board units and communicates actions to the scooters via the DPU actuator, a power controlled module connected to the DPU´s inputs and outputs.


Scooter sharing solutions provided to ÖAMTC easy way


Showcasing high liability and having low installation, deployment and maintenance costs, Sensefields solution has been chosen by ÖAMTC for the management of the easy way scooters: geolocation, real time internal motorcycle status information and remote command orders to control the fleet and ensure a successful, secure and cost effective service. Detection of mileage, speed and battery charge level as well as remote engine switch off and on, top case lock/unlock and middle stand activation/deactivation are some of the main features of the solution.


In case of trying to use a scooter without having booked it first, security is ensured through theft attempt detection: The alert signal is sent both to the control platform and the vehicle, activating the message on the LCD screen, flashing the lights and blocking the rear wheel. Additionally, the scooter’s position starts to get constantly monitored in order to allow the successful tracking by the city´s security authorities. The motorcycle’s top case carrying two helmets is also anti-theft protected and the alert message is sent to the platform in case of abuse when the scooter is not powered on.



Urban mobility enhanced “Over the Air”

Sensefields connected vehicle technology supports Over the Air programming (OTA), a feature that significantly saves operation costs and it’s uniquely offered by Sensefields in the scooter sharing area: full system updates and features addition from firmware to operating system level can be sent securely and reliably to the scooter without the need of physical access to its DPU.


“Equipping the DPU with OTA capabilities was an added feature that we considered essential as it ensures multiple benefits: It saves maintenance costs for ÖAMTC and offers us quick adaptation capacities to the needs of Easy Way telematics fleet management system”, says the connected vehicle R&D Software engineer of Sensefields, Valentí Molins.


Sensefields shared scooter mobility



Freedom above all

In city streets, where traffic does not allow for high speeds, ÖAMTC easy way offers convenience by ensuring instant access to environmentally friendly transportation that doesn´t depend on anything else apart from the users´ ad-hoc needs. No reason to sit in traffic, no need to search and pay for parking or look for the nearest docking station and also no necessity to carry the helmet around as two helmets are provided in the motorcycle´s top case. Paying less than for Uber by minute, the user can use the App to locate the nearest scooter leaving it near the final destination.


Ideal for those who wish to ride a scooter but are not willing to buy their own, the e-scooter service offered by ÖAMTC releases them from the associated worries about vehicle ownership, insurance and registration as well as from the annual inspections and storage space needed during winter in Vienna and Graz, where the temperatures can drop significantly.



Designing the future

Based on the popularity of easy way that only requires a car driver licence, a bank account and an iOS or Android mobile phone to download the App, register and book a scooter within five minutes, ÖAMTC will be considering launching the service in more Austrian cities in the future, continuing the cooperation with Sensefields that takes pride in its collaboration with ÖAMTC as expressed by Sensefields COO, Juan Campos Duró:


“The  service excellence demanded by our clients is our greatest challenge. Thanks to the collaboration with ÖAMTC this has been achieved in an efficient and smooth way. A tireless work with great professionals.”


Sensefields shared scooter mobility


In the meantime, Sensefields is moving forward designing further smart mobility solutions to be applied in order to improve our quality of life based on the social responsibility towards the environment and the generations to come.


Ready to go? Enjoy the ride!


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