Shaping the way that the world moves

Based on the IoT, Sensefields designs cutting edge traffic management and connected vehicle technology tools that make our roads, our cities and our vehicles safer, greener and smarter. Our core purpose is to contribute towards a better quality of life and this is what we aim for:

Intelligent environments open to everybody — citizens, visitors, drivers and passengers in every business, commerce, leisure and everyday life situation.

Through constant innovation and using advanced wireless communications systems that detect, collect and process mobility conditions data, as well as, analyse and monitor the vehicle behaviour, Sensefields is proudly transforming the intelligent traffic management ground as well as revolutionising the connected vehicle field.

What drives us?

Our dedication not just to innovate but to contribute towards a better world based on IoT

We are focused on our expertise

Mobility Data Analytics
Traffic management Intelligence
Wireless Sensor Network
Connected Vehicle
Shared Mobility Services

We believe in our values


for a connected world


for sustainable development


for a better quality of life


for decisions that make the difference


for a service you can trust


for results that make an impact

They trust in us


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