Advanced Mobility Data Solutions

Accurate Data is Power.
We ensure the accuracy. You manage the power.

Sensefields is fostering mobility innovation based on data that facilitates the success of your decisions

Intelligent Infrastructure

Sensefields Traffic Management Intelligence solutions
extend through a wide range of infrastructure mobility
applications based on Sensefields magnetic wireless
sensor technology.

Smart cities, intelligent transport systems, automated
parking spaces, as well as, advanced airport and
harbour facilities are all part of our global portfolio.

Intelligent Vehicle

Sensefields Intelligent Vehicle technology is developed
to detect and process behavioural, contextual and
driving data that provides innovative smart solutions for
a wide range of industries.

As the Internet of Things is establishing its presence,
we are contributing towards maximising the
advantages of the connected vehicle within the shared
mobility services, the fleet management and the public
vehicle operations field.

A wireless sensor network with unlimited applications

Highly accurate, open and ready to use, Sensefields technology is applied in a wide range of solutions for road safety enhancement and network operation improvement.

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We innovate. We communicate. We interconnect.

Targeting integrated interconnectivity throughbidirectional communication,
Sensefields technology is called for complex projects:

The implementation of public governance mobility
strategies, as well as, the introduction of next generation
services that allow for leading edge data
communication for the global mobility market.

Our Technology
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We share your mission. We serve our goals.

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Safe driving for everybody is a universal social right that we support and facilitate.

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Our objective is to contribute towards the adoption of driving patterns that take the environmental impact into account.

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We are doing our part to create user-friendly roads that respect the needs of all the user profiles.

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Working on a great variety of projects, we are co-shaping smart cities and smart roads worldwide.

A wireless sensor network with unlimited applications

Thanks to the extensive algorithm customisation possibilities, Sensefields technology is designed for a great range of intelligent traffic management standalone, open and versatile applications that allow for very quick installation and low maintenance costs.

A vehicle on board unit that opens new horizons

Sensefields Connected Vehicle technology is developed for a broad portfolio of smart mobility solutions that enable advanced private and public vehicle applications. From shared and fleet mobility services, to sophisticated public vehicle telematics and next generation Vehicle to Everything – V2X – communications, Sensefields is here to open new horizons to your business.

We count on our past to innovate our future.

Sensefields takes pride in the high-accuracy services that meet the needs of our international clients worldwide. Collaborating both in public strategy policy projects, as well as, in private enterprise operational plans, we ensure quality, reliability and executional performance of high standards based on our long experience and our R&D technological achievements.

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